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Aftermath Outline? [Apr. 2nd, 2006|04:09 am]


[State Your Attitude! |amusedamused]
[What's Your 1, 2 Step? |High Enough -Damn Yankees]

ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: =]
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Hey.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Hey, I know you! x3
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: x3
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Angel isn't going to be a state alchemist, but much cooler.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: A member of "The Holy Order".
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: But first!
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: What's that?
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Something my friend made up.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Ok
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: alchemist_of_crusifixion < Thats her.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: But!
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: I need to know stuff about the Crossfield family, as well as Cody's mum.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: o_o Ok.. Well, the mother is Cody. She made up the name, her parents are Aya Shirogane and Jimena Hideki but he won't be born from them. He can't be, because Aya died soon after and Hideki adopted Ore. Oh yeah, Cody has about six kids, but she only claims one as her own.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: But...
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Cody is only 15.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o_O
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: There's Morgan, the oldest boy but looks about 12. They're all homunculi, so.. yeah. o_o The next one is Crysi who lives in Amestris with Izumi Curtis.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Angel is 17.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Oh.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: <<; She didn't have them! And I told you that he has to be her Alter!Brother
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Erm, how!?
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Crysi lives with Izumi, Reylee was adopted by Cody's Masochist Arts teacher Eclipse, Ore was adopted by Hideki, Sybil disappeared, and Sonya lives in Amestris with Falman. o_o ....>>; what else do you need to know?
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Can't it be like Cody died and Angel still lives beyond the gate while the allter Cody lives in The Real World, where seven strangers are chosen to live togethor
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o.o;
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: ~_~; I'm not quite sure... Hm.. on the other side of the gate is Cody's Alter, who's named Colleen. They're technically the same person, but since Cody wasn't actually from Amestris in the first place (she came from another deminsion. o_o YYHXFMA crossover.) there's a few differences but not many.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o_o
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Let me ask you somethin'....
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Yeah?
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Why is this so...complex?
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Because.. o_o
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Cody's a Yu Yu Hakusho character. All of this crap is because of Roleplay.. and my obsession with FMA.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Ah.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Hm.. let's think. ....Cody died, then came back to life briefly during which she transmuteted her body to give her soul to Ore, making her a human. That's how Greed was born. @@; Then um.. Cody came back as a full demon (Crescent Viral Dysfunction) and.. she goes back through the Gate, pulling off a Hohenheim with the splitting of mind, body, and soul. ...There's her alter Colleen who lives through that.. and.. Cody shows up on the Other Side, but since that's considered unequal, she's forced back into Amestris where she's born as Angel's sister?
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: o________o Holy hell that's far-fetched and complex to the extreme. xx;
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o_o
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: This has too much to do with time...
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: e.e;
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: xD Yeah
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: All of this takes place in two years, so basically she is like a reincarnation of some sort....
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: YES.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: We need to sit down and think this through.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Which is different from a Homunculus.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Because there was no transmutation involved in her being reborn.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: o_o Um... we'll pull a Kurama and so.. Angel is his own little person and has a young sister.. we'll pick her name later, for now she is X. Yeah, X. -Snickers- So.. Angel has a younger sister named X, and X is just ordinary.. nothing special.. but when Cody comes back through the Gate, she does the whole Alter thing and kicks X's soul out, and takes over!
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o_o;
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: YEAH. That works in a very.. VERY twisted way. ox; And no transmutations are needed, because Cody's half demon.. just trust me.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: This chick did that in a Hentai...
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o_o
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: ....but.. aww man.. if Cody goes back to Amestris, she can't stay in Munich and take over the Nazis like I had planned! ;_;
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: FMA is set in the 1920's.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: It's all your fautl! Cody can't be Hitler now, all your damn fault! >O<
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: xD
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: ......DOESN'T MATTER
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: There are Nazis because I SAY there are Nazis!
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: >3
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: XD Okay, ...no Nazis..
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: Nazis became in the late 1930's.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: OMG~!
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: o_o
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Nazi-Hating-SOB-Who-Has-To-Ruin-Cody's-Plans-For-World-Domination-Because-You-Are-SO-Jealous. =\
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: 'Tis reincarnation can teach Angel the 'arts'.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: SURE.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: o_o Cody can teach Angel true alchemy.
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: He creates Chimera's...
ll_fabricated_dreams_ll: That isn't good enough!?
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: <<; FUCK NO. Chimeras are lame compared to what Cody can do.

From: kagyakuia_kisho
2006-04-02 09:42 am (UTC)
You somehow managed to trip my auto-ignore thing with those nifty mass messages of yours.. And just to be fair...

"Hm.. let's think. ....Cody died[FOUR TIMES], then came back to life briefly during which she transmuteted her body to give her soul to Ore, making her a human."

seeing as how you left it out and all.
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[User Picture]From: reilyn_no_yume
2006-04-02 09:54 pm (UTC)
You somehow managed to trip my auto-ignore thing with those nifty mass messages of yours..

That's because I'm just good like that. Besides, you wouldn't ignore me anyways, you love me far too much. ^^
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[User Picture]From: reilyn_no_yume
2006-04-03 04:14 pm (UTC)

By the way...


Why didn't you tell me you had a livejournal in the first place? You loser. =/ And while I am at it, get online more and not on ivisi! I hate that, plus I want to pester you. o_o You. Deserve. It. All de pain in de world

And just so you know, this was written at school... And someone's behind me, and the teacher's on my left.. Yay for conveinant rebellion!? -Awkward cough- See you later~

Cody died[FOUR TIMES]
Aww... You remember! I knew you cared.
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