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Dead In The Water [Apr. 16th, 2006|02:14 am]


[State Your Attitude! |contemplativecontemplative]
[What's Your 1, 2 Step? |Broken -Seether Feat. Amy Lee]

TITLE: Dead In The Water
CHAPTER: Oneshot
CHARACTER/S: Cody, Colleen, Greed (Sin), Hideki-Chan (Virus)
SUMMARY: A songfic with a song by "Hawthorne Heights". Rated R due to gore.

Two-tone colored eyes peered around her, each of the colors were stretched wide. A nerve beneath her right eye jerked, thrumming with utter nervousness. In a stark white room, ghastly shadows reflecting from the lucid interior. It was so dark, and oh... so cold. Before her was a door, and behind her was a simple wire-frame bed. Beside the bed was a wooden dresser. It was all furnished, so why was there a techical radio sitting upon the dolly? She didn't know... but behind a clear screen, a cassette's strips were beginning to roll. It was like a play, a drama just like they had at the "Wooden O". And somehow she knew, she hadn't seen it she just knew, that the flag was black. Was she one of the actresses?

________[First Act?]____________

Her hands, unscarred hands, clasped over her chest and she bowed her head. Like a young child at Sunday School choir, she stood solo within the room as the light collected upon her body. A soft glow was emitted and she spoke softly. |{The medicine~ is blending in~ mixing the blood with oxygen. I need this right now~ to figure myself out. Cutting through the ribbons of self doubt.}| She gasped, optics quickly opening to peer over her shoulder. Her eyes were met with the sight of her "Twinner". Dull navy hues watched her, but they didn't quite see her... "Ah, Cody?" The woman shook her head, a faux smile gracing her pale lips. |{I never thought you'd see me this way, you are the worst and I am to blame.}| The woman's fingers brushed against the girl's cheek, and she blushed. Her lips parted to speak, but Cody placed a finger to deny her the right to speak. She hushed, and Cody spoke for her. |{Close the door, lock it tight. Then I'll know you're safe tonight. Turn on a song that means the most, believe I'm there and hold me close.}| Cody's arms retracted from the smaller frame, a gentle hand pressing to the small of her back before pushing her forward. She gasped, stumbling into the closet and quickly whirling around only to see the door slam in her face. She leaned down, peeking through the antique keyhole. Cody was backing away slowly. Her finger landed on the radio, pressing down a button. Then the real cassettes whirled, and a loud music howled through the speakers. This new music was much more realistic, more there than just inside her head. Her attention was jerked back to Cody, watching the woman intently. Cody was crossing her arms over her chest, much like you would see the deceased within a coffin, and looking to her left. |{She is in my bloodstream, tonight she's draining me. The room is filled with reds and blues.}| On her left appeared a figure in red. This new girl was the Virus. A tanned figure dressed in red leather, her hair was violet waves that curled around her bossom. A gloved hand was stretching across Cody's waist. She smiled coyly, her head tilting as she peered towards her Keeper. She then hissed, fangs bearing as she glared towards the right. The navy eyes turned in that direction, awknowledging the Sin. The Sin was also a woman, a younger form dressed in complete black. Her eyes were also black, and her hair was a straight black that hung lifelessly at her neck right where Cody's barbed wire scar would be. Her skin was deathly pale, almost tinted with the color of decaying blue. Sin's brow arched, a silent amusement taken towards Virus's possessiveness of Cody. Her arms also circled Cody, chilly fingers gripping harshly upon the flesh. When the hands lifted, there were handprints over Cody's ribcage. The woman sighed, her eyes closing. |{ I follow as she leads into the darkness, drying up my veins. She's a ghost! A silhouette! Calling out my name! }| The girl in the closet gasped, eyes widening with horrified measures. Her jaw slackened, shoulders scrunching up before screaming. "CODY!!!"

___________[Act Two.]________

Cody smiled weakly, a practical ragdoll as the Sin and Virus yanked upon her limbs. Virus was clutching her viciously, her claws digging into Cody's waist, in an attempt to yank her away from the Sin. She growled, bearing canines that gleamed. Sin smirked, a casual flashing of her own fangs. She lunged forward, but did not bite the Virus. That would not be very wise, so rather she sunk the fangs into Cody's shoulder. The woman screamed, her head jerking back with a hateful snapping of the neck. The girl within the closet thrashed, her fists pounding onto the doors. She whailed, her own voice rivaling that of Cody's agonizing screams. |{These lies fall into the pieces I left you of your favorite picture torn in two. I never thought we'd end up this way. You are the worst, I am to blame.}| Virus hissed, acid dripping from her fangs like venom and wretched. The Sin's own hands jerked, succeding in ripping a sleeve away. Virus stumbled backwards, cluthing a now-limp body in her hands. Blood leaked from her mouth, trailing downwards just as the drizzles on her shoulder and hips. Virus clutched onto the body, satisfaction flaring within the red-violet eyes. [.B.|.O.|.D.|.Y.] The Sin was licking at her fingers, enjoyment in the task of lapping up the blood. [.M.|.I.|.N.|.D.] The girl continued to slam her bruised fists onto the door, crying and sobbing at the same time. Her breath hitched as transparent hands gripped her wrists. Pushing her backwards, a shade of Cody smiled down at her. She was leaning into the door, her body actually cut in half! The shade caressed her cheek and smiled. |{Close the door, lock it tight. Then I'll know you're safe tongiht. Turn on a song that means the most, believe I'm there and hold me close.}| [.S.|.O.|.U.|.L.] The girl gasped, her arms slinging around the woman's neck to hold onto her, but even so... she grasped only air. Cody stepped into the closet, staring down at her hands. She pressed her palms together in a silent clap, nodding slightly before pressing her hands to the wall. Indigo light streamed from her fingertips and the wall dissipitated. She stared down at the child and nodded her head, motioning for her to go. The girl nodded, slowly backing out. She walked backwards, eyes intent upon Cody. Behind her was an identical room. Even the radio was there, but the cassette tape wasn't spinning.

_______[Third & Final Act]___________

The girl quickly waved her hands towards her, beckoning Cody to escape. But Cody just smiled, her head tilted in a fashion similar to what Virus had done earlier. Her hand lifted and slightly waved. The girl gasped. "Cody, come with me!" And Cody's hand fell to her side. Her lips parted, and her nerves cracked. Four wide eyes watched in techerous horror as a hand wriggled through Cody's chest. A black sleeve was stained by internal bleeding. Cody's neck twisted, agonizing disbelief straining her face as she stared horrifically at the Sin. The girl in black grinned, wretching her arm out of the chest. "CODY!!" The girl screamed, watching Cody buckle under. But she wouldn't drop, a firm grip assured that with tanned fingers. Virus lifted the bleeding torso, Cody's legs sprawled beneath her, and laughed. Her mouth opened wide and she clamped onto the woman's neck. Cody howled, an arm jolting upwards in an attempt to snatch the doorknob. Before she could grasp it, Sin caught her wrist and painfully twisted the arm backwards. Cody screamed again and gagged on the blood that ejected from her throat. Virus raked claws down her bare arms, and drug her nails over her pouring stomach. Cody screamed, tears dripping down her face in the form of navy ink. Cody's lips cracked a hoarse pleading, the only true words spoken besides that of her "Twinner". She gagged while speaking, hacking on a clot of blood. "For Christ's sake, shut that FUCKING DOOR!" The girl whailed, instantly charging towards the closet. Sin smiled, her grin spreading across her face. She clasped the doorknob, slowly pulling it shut. The girl smashed wounded fists onto the door, beating mercilessly onto the wood. She jerked on the doorknob, twisting and turning, yanking and jerking. No matter what, it just... wouldn't... open. |{She is in my bloodstream! Tonight she's draining me! The room is filled with reds and blues. I follow as she leads into the darkness, drying up my veins. She's a ghost. A silhouette. Calling out my name! }| The girl outside the closet screamed and whailed. She pounded her fists onto the wooden door. Sharp pains jolted through her forearms and blisters burned the heels of her palms. Her knuckles were stark white with blotches of an ugly, darkened rogue. She screamed and cussed, cursing in languages that she wasn't supposed to know. Tears fell from her eyes, streaming down her cheeks. Her throat was fiery, her voice wearing thin and sounding sketchy. Her eyes were wide, brimming with the tears. Two windows frozen open with the tinting curtains of red... and blue... |{So close the door and lock it tight. Then I will know you're safe tonight. Turn on the song that means the most, believe I'm there and hold me close.}| Cody gasped weakly, staring into the red and blue eyes that were shedding tears for her. Her own empty eyes stared back, the same tears falling down her face. A blood-soaked arm reached to her side, the shivering hand resting upon a technical radio. She moaned deeply, her throat too hoarse to scream any more, and breathed shallowly. Her energy was fading rapidly, but she had to hurry. She couldn't... let them.. couldn't let them get her! She clenched her teeth, fangs peircing into her lower lip as she forced all of her energy into the single digit. The button was pushed downwards and mechanics rolled. Soon enough a strip of tape would spin through the cassette's spools. A herculean, thundering explosion of dynamic sound would roar from that simple stereo. It was the perfect masquerade. |{Close the door, lock it tight. Then I'll know you're safe tonight. Turn on a song that means the most, believe I'm there and hold me close.}| The young girl slumped against the door, her hands scraping into the splintered surface as she sobbed. The cries were silent, there was no more of a voice left to scream. A large sum of tears were cascading from a blotchy eyes. Her fingers were bleeding. She leaned against the door, pitiful tears streaming, until the doorknob twisted. The two shades of color would fix upon the doorknob, too weak to move. The door swung open, slamming her body backwards. The frail body landed roughly upon the floor, skidding into the dresser. Her head would crack upon the bottom drawer, and her entire frame sprawled out. Her eyes were closed, a dopey unawareness on her face. Leaning in the doorway, Sin chuckled softly as she examined the duplicate body. Virus was standing behind her, face smeared with a crimson warpaint. The moment she spotted the child, her lips twisted into a sadistic grin. Her tongue darted out, moistening her lips. They were twinners alright, they were exactly. the. same. |{She is in my bloodstream, tonight she's draining me. The room is filled with reds and blues. I follow as she leads into the darkness, drying up my veins. She's a ghost, a silhouette, calling out my name.}|

Dedicated to Kisho, because he influcences me so. =D