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[Aftermath] What Then? - Cody Shirogane-Hideki Crossfield [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aftermath] What Then? [Mar. 31st, 2006|01:06 am]


[State Your Attitude! |tiredtired]
[What's Your 1, 2 Step? |Broken -Seether Feat. Amy Lee]

"Where in the seven hells have you been? And where's Morgan!" Lavender hues trailed away from the hysterical mother and pointy ears twitched. The victim of such verbal abuse shifted her posistion against the wooden stool. Leather smoothed over her skin and she tugged downwards on the red material. "He's over in Munich. That's where I have been." Her attention then turned towards the green cat. There was a golden bell fixed to a choker that hung about her neck, and the bell jingled softly. "So as I was saying, back in Germany, there's this book that I was reading. It's a novel called 'Black House' by a guy named Stephen King. I won't talk about the book except for there's this guy in there named Jack Sawyer. Well, this book talks about there being different worlds in tuned with one another. Jack calls them the 'Territories' but this other chickadee named it 'Faraway'. Throughout the book, Jack breaches his world's deminsions to travel to this other world several times."

"So what? We infiltrate other worlds all of the time. What's a stupid book matter?" Eclipse asked. The golden hues flickered over the demon child at her feet, examining the abrupt changes in the girl that had been once her pupil. Hideki was next to speak, her eyes also fixed upon her daughter. "Cody, you don't think... the author was a demon?" This caught Eclipse's intrest, and the chiropteran feline glanced back and forth from pupil to doctor. "I see, if the author's a demon..." Her words then faultered. Then what? She sighed and shook her head. "No, I don't know... it's not that. I just... He talks about transporting from one world to another. Wouldn't that be like going from here to Munich?" The bell then jingled, and Cody grinned. "Transferrance without a transmutation circle!"

The green feline grinned, her tail sweeping across the floor. "So even in this state, you're still practicing that damn science." She laughed dryly and shook her head. "Damn science?" Cody leaned forward, lavender eyes gleaming with mischevious intent. The lilac tresses sifted over her shoulders and curled about her breasts. "Damn science? Trinity, have you gone mad? That damn science is the ultimate element in which we both sacrificed everything for! As alas, we are still alive! Can't you see... we have surpassed the law of equivilant exchange and yet here we are, still clinging to that fragmented principle. If you want to... we can. All we have to do is bend the rules. It's nothing we haven't already done before. Trinity..."

The bell jingled as she laughed, bouncing upon the flesh that was not her own. "Cody, Cody, Cody... What then? If I were to come back alive, what then?"

"In 'Black House', there's these alterations of people on each side. They call them Twinners but I'm positive that they're the alters!" She then paused, sighing deeply. "I've been practicing... and now I'm able to open the Gate without a sacrifice. You'll be able to come back to life, Trinny."

Once again, the bell jingled softly with her laughter. "I'm sure I could, Codykins, but the thing is... what then?"