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TITLE: Lyrical Emotions SERIES: FMA/YYH RATING: G CHAPTER: Oneshot… - Cody Shirogane-Hideki Crossfield [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 14th, 2006|10:16 pm]


[State Your Attitude! |accomplished]
[What's Your 1, 2 Step? |Grease Lightning -John Travolta]

TITLE: Lyrical Emotions
CHAPTER: Oneshot
PAIRING/S: None, hinted CodyXAru, CodyXEdo, possibly CodyXOre? (unintentional!)
SUMMARY: Sick to her stomach, Cody wastes away in her bedroom but while doing so, there's a few songs that'll jerk at her strings and possibly make her feel insane, even cry?

Navy hues glared at the computer screen, the scrolling of blurred text pouring in between her feet. Half of the conversation was hidden behind her black, lime tipped socks with the cute skulls on the sides. She was sitting in an odd position, actually curled up in her large computer chair. She was leaning back, propping her feet on the desk and leaning against the monitor. Her arms were sprawled over her chest, hands gripping perspiration WacDonald's cup half full of Root Beer. Currently nursing the straw, her fangs clenched onto the plastic straw and gnawed the tunnel as the watered down soda seeped into her mouth. With nothing to do, she was watching stupid e-idiots chat that apparently had nothing better to do with their lives. However, was this not also including herself? She was after all also searching for something worth doing and had turned to this pitiful machine with hopes it would give her something worthwhile. She had already ignored about sixty-three people already, each one asking "asl?" or "r u hawt?". Feh, so not worth the time to tell them that it's spelt "Are", "You'", "Hot". What did it matter anyway? It's not like she was ever planning to meet any of the stupid bastards.

Her head tilted back, leaning further backwards to the point of tipping back, and sighed deeply. 'Cancer...' Boredom was cancer. It was as cancerous as the damn disease that was currently eating away at the insides of her stomach. As though insulted, her body released a sharp pain within her lower abdomen and she moaned. "D-dammit.. Not supposed to moan outside of se--AHH! Dammit!" Pitiful. Lame. Humor. It makes everyone smile but yourself because you realize how pitiful you are. So, moaning unhappily, she arched her body upwards in the pathetic attempt to not allow the pain to engulf her entirely. "Oh bloody Hell, try harder!" She screamed, wrenching out her vocal cords to the empty room. No one would hear her; Hideki, her mother, was out somewhere. The memory escaped her, but she knew she would be alone for some time... that was why Hideki had shot her veins full of morphine about three hours ago. But the pain was inevitable. "Immune. I'm becoming immune..." Once again she sighed, her head dropping back.

"I saw my problems and I'll see the light, we got a lovin' thing, we gotta feed it right. There ain't no danger we can go too far. We start believing' now that we can be who we are-- Grease is the word!" Her eyes opened, staring in between her feet at the monitor that was singing to her. Actually it wasn't the monitor, thank God lest she think herself insane, but the speakers. One of the idiots was playing music and she received it through her speakers. Though it was nothing new, she had played music in the same fashion through the mike that stood disconnected to her left... but it was that song. "They think our love is just a growin' pain. Why don't they understand? It's just a cryin' shame. Their lips are lyin', only real is real. We stop the fight right now, we got to be what we feel --Grease is the word!" Cody blinked, her eyes wide with a stupefied expression as she realized it. The song was the theme to an old 80's movie, a show called "Grease". It was a musical, one of Rain's old favorites. They watched it over and over and over when they were just tikes, and even danced to the music. It had become the backbone of Rain's desire to dance.

The song changed, and it was now a song from the same movie. It was a duet with the two main characters, Sandy and Danny. Sudden tears sprang to her eyes, and Cody wiped them away, staring at her moist fingers in puzzlement. That was Rain's favorite song of the whole movie... she and Damaru danced to it all the time. Of course Cody usually took over the second duet where the sexy, bodacious "Sandra" showed up to claim Danny as hers. She inhaled a shallow breath, her chest hitching painfully. Her body reacted, the fiery sensation crawling down to her stomach. "Oooh.. fuuuuck..." The songs were relatively short, and Cody spoke softly to herself. "Summer dreams.. ripped at the seams, but OOooh... those summer..." Her stomach stung sharply and she screamed. "NIIIIIGHTS!" This was followed by maniac laughter, the insane pleasure of acting like a fool.

Pushing her chair back, she flailed wildly before completely toppling from the roller chair. She fell onto the floor, green carpet smashing into her nose and she groaned. She pushed herself from the floor, forcing herself to rise up. She wasn't quite sure why she stood, but for some reason.. She knew which song would be next. And sure enough she was right, one of those rare times I assure you, but sure enough Sandy's stupid song was next... the one where she whined about how in love she was with Danny but she could never have him because she wasn't cool enough. Of course Cody had laughed at her... but now.. Dammit, she understood. A voice sang through the wire mesh of her speakers, and a second voice would join that of Sandra Dee's. "Guess mine is not the first heart broken, my eyes are not the first to cry. I'm not the first to know.. there's just no getting over you." It was strange... because whenever she sang, she always envisioned a certain person, which she would sing to. Back when she had that band in Jr. High, she always sang to Damaru. But now, alas... but now... who to sing to? Two certain faces sprang to mind, but which one to pick. Ah, bloody hell. "There's nowhere to hide! since you pushed my love aside. I'm not in my head--" Obviously the elder brother. She had been sane when loving Edward. "Hopelessly devoted to you..." Yes... hopeless. "My head is saying, 'Fool, forget him', but my heart is saying 'Don't let go!'. Hold on to the end, that's what I intend to do... But now there's nowhere to hide, since you pushed my love aside!" And her words would stop... Sandra Dee continued to sing but Cody's voice no longer joined her. Instead she fell into an awkward silence, fragmented thoughts scattering in the wind. This didn't last long, because the second song hit and Cody had to sing. She HAD to.

"You better shape up! Cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you. You better shape up, you better understand, to my heart I must be true. Nothing left, nothing left for me to do." She laughed, an empty laughter that was more pointed towards to the fact that she was actually dancing rather than being sad. Her feet slid across the green carpet, her eyes closing. She didn't have to watch to make sure she didn't bump into anything, she knew. She just knew, god dammit. This was of course, the song in which Cody replaced Rain to dance with her flirtatious pet Damaru. "If you're filled with affected, and you're to shy to convey~ Meditate in my direction... feel your way." Fingertips raked over the front of her minishorts. She was smiling, a smile that radiated only a faint glow of enjoyment in the remembrance of her childhood. "Are you sure? Yes I'm sure down deep inside." Or so she had been.

"Why this car is automatic. It's systematic. It's hyyyyydromatic. Why, it's grease lightning!!" Cody smirked; her hands slapped upon her waist and rocked her hips side to side with the dramatic effects of the music. A smile ripped across her face, the beat of the song animating her body to dance across the length of her borrowed room. As the singers chanted their "Go, go, go, go", she dashed across her room, slapping her palms upon the wall. She jumped onto her bed, shuffling her knees into the air in frantic marching in one spot. "Go grease lightning, you're burning up the quarter mile. Go grease lightning you're coasting through heat lap trial. You are supreme, the chick'll cream for greased lightning." She bounced on her bed, swinging her arms out in the same fashion that they did in the movie, and laughed childishly. John Travolta continued to sing, and she bounced up and down on the spring mattress of her bed. During the dramatic splashes of "ah-ah"s, she would thrust her hips outward and slap at her thighs. Pink handprints flared upon skin momentarily but she barely noticed. "You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for grease lightning. Lightning, lightning, lightning. Lightning, lightning, lightning. Lightning!!" With each "lightning", her hips thrust outwards, jerked towards a different direction, fell to her knees, rolled her body is a sexy rise, then fell off the bed.

Once on the floor, she wriggled around and laughed. "What's that playing on the radio? Why do I start swaying to and fro? I have never hard that song before, but if I don't hear it anymore it's still familiar to me, sends a chill right through me. Cause those cords remind me of the night that I first fell in love to..." She lay there, lolling her head back and forth while singing to the song that sang from her speakers. It was so strange that music spoke to her... but it did, and this particular one was making her smile. "Those magic changes my heart arranges! A melody that's never the same, a melody that's calling your name! It begs you please, come back to me. Please, return to me, don't go away again... oh make them play again." She rolled onto her hands and knees, sitting on the backs of her legs as she began to rock her body left, then right. Left, then right. Wrong, then right. Wrong... then right? "The music I wanna hear is once again, you whisper in my hear, OH MY DARLING~ aha..." Staring up at her ceiling, examining the cracks that spider webbed the plaster, she opened her heart wide and sang out loudly to the empty room. "I'll be waiting by the radio, you'll come back to me someday I know. Been so long since our last goodbye, but I'm singing as I cry-aye-aye~. While the bass is sounding, while the drums are pounding; beatings of my broken heart will raise the first place of the charts. Oh my heart arranges, Oh! Those magic changes Oooh yeah..."

Still in that same position, her head tilted back and eyes now closed, she spoke softly to herself in sync to the unknown artist. "I was deprived of a young girl's dream by the cruel force of nature from the blue... Instead of a night full of romance supreme, all I got was a running nose and aegeatic floe." Her eyes slowly opened, dispelling the flashbacks from behind her eyelids. "It's raining on death [prom] night, my hair is a mess. It's running all over my taffeta dress... It's wilting the quilting on my maudlin [maiden] form and mascara flows right down my nose, because of the storm." Yes... because of the storm. The mascara ran, but it was the storm's fault. Her tears had nothing to do with the streaks of black that trailed from the creases of her eyes. Even now, wet lines drew a shimmery trail to her hairline. With the words changed, she adjusted it to fit the truth, because she had never experienced prom. Prom was once her dream, but instead.... "I don't even have my corsage, oh gee. It fell down a sewer with my sister's ID." Shaky hands lifted, pale palms gripping at the soreness of her neck, her own hands enclosing over the barbed wire scar that circled her neck. "I'm her little sister... with the ruined ID." The fingers clenched, tightening around her throat and she winced. There was no fire in her stomach; the acidic pressure was emitting rolling waves off pain from that blasted scar.

"Yes, it's raining on death [prom] night, oh my darling, what can I do? I miss you... It's raining rain from the skies, and it's raining real tears from my eyes, over you." Her head tilted forward, bangs falling into place as a curtain for her eyes. Her fingers crept into the bangs, fingers clasping fistfuls of hair to tug upon. Wide eyes spilled out tears, no sight within the desolate hues. "Oh dear God, make him feel the same way I do right then! Make him want to see me again-- Oh, what can I do? It's raining from the skies, its raining tears from my eyes over you. Raining... tears from my eyes over you. Raining... on death night... on fucking death's night!" She screamed, hands clamping over her eyes to smear the tears across her face before crying directly into her palms.

The song ended and a new one started, "Rizzo" began to sing about how horrible she was, HAH. She was nothing in comparison... But Cody sat, staring mournfully in between her fingers. Her lips didn't move, moistened only by the salty tears that gathered on the corners of her mouth. "Even though the neighborhood things I'm trashy and no good, I suppose it could be true... but there are worse things I could do." Yes, there were... but what she *had* done was pretty despicable in itself. She could do all that Rizzo spoke of, and actually had before, but there were much, much worse things. She had done those, too. "I could stay home every night, wait around for Mr. Right; take cold showers every day, and throw my life away on a dream that won't come true." Yeah, that had also been done. "I could hurt someone like me... out of spite or jealousy." How many people had she hurt? Piper... Rain... Morgan... Ore, Oh Christ! Ore... "I don't steal and I don't lie." Nope, she did those too. "But I can feel and I can cry! A fact I bet you never knew... but to cry in front of you... that's the worst thing I could do."

And so she sobbed, silent hitching breaths that escaped her heart and soul. She couldn't even hold them back, there were far too many... held in for far too long... She cried, squeezing out the sorry, the pain, the agony, and the loneliness of a child's whole life within simple drops of salt water that dripped from her chin... and fell into another palm?

Her head jerked upward, navy eyes widening as she stared into the mirror image of herself. The girl smiled, her head tilting in that same coy way that she herself used to do, and smiled with her eyes. Those black, sightless eyes. "O...ore..." The young, previously deceased child smiled with her whole being. "Hello, Cody-San." The elder gulped, an immediate hatred for the formality of her practical sister-- ~It fell down a sewer with my sister's ID~ but which sister's? Was it the original, or the homunculus copy? Cody... or... or?

With a smile, Ore swept her striped sleeve across Cody's eyes. "Cody-San cries a lot and I hate to see her so sad." Ore glanced up at the elder's face, her cheeks flushing before she bowed her head. "I hear you in my --your bedroom. You cry in your sleep, and sometimes... you scream." Immediately with a facade, Cody's eyes reflected the dull tint of ominous silence with which she watched the copy speak. Had she? Had she been caught crying and even screaming? That's the worst thing you can do... Ore shifted, her hair rustling as her neck jerked to stare up at Cody. "I know Cody's in a lot of pain! And I know Cody can't see me, but I can see her... and I see her in this pain and it makes me sad." She sniffled, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. 'I can smell them...'

"Ah, that's right... You can see now." Ore nodded her head. "I can see, I'm not... not anymore." Cody's brow rose slightly at the fact that Ore couldn't even say it. But of course, when she was young... even she hated saying that cursed word. Was that also a sentiment of sisters? "That's right Ore, you're not blind anymore. I fixed that. Do you like your vision?" Cody spoke softly, her words far too casual for a person who had just been caught crying out her heart. Ore nodded, staring up at Cody with large, expressive hues. "Yes! I love being able to see, but Cody paid for it. Cody had to give it up! I don't want her to be sad, Cody deserves to be happy too..."

"It's equivalent... so it's actually okay. Don't worry 'bout it Ore, you just do what your mother says." Ore's chest hitched, a soft whimper escaping her throat. She could smell her tears before they even fell. "But she's your mother, too!" Small arms slung around Cody, the young copy holding onto her for dear life. "But I hate to hear her cry! I don't want her to scream anymore!" Cody hugged the child, her hand slowly smoothing the girl's back. Fresh tears spilled down her neck, but not from her own eyes. Rather, she gazed up at the ceiling, examining the spider webbed plaster with a heavy sigh. 'I've made so many cry... Mom, Echo, Trinny... Al, Crysi and Moby, Rain... and Ore, oh Ore...'

The speakers sang softly, muted words that she hadn't even noticed from the point where Ore stole all her attention. But now she listened, her head turning to listen closely to the singer while a young girl spilled out her heart against her, but no words could comfort those shorthanded in equivalence. "So dear song, please supply the words that I cannot express. Heal her heart and shatter mine. That's balance, equal. Give and gain, let her gain." A man hummed softly, the strange instruments she couldn't identify swirling into her ears with its invisible melody. "If we could start anew, I wouldn't hesitate. I'd gladly take you back and tempt the hand of fate. Tears on my pillow, pain in my heart, caused by you." Cody glared at her radio, bearing her fangs in displeasure. "Love is not a gadget, love is not a toy. When you find the one you love, she'll fill your heart with joy ~oy~oy. Tears on my pillow, pain in my heart cause by you, you, you." Hissing at the radio, Cody blinked at the young girl snuggling against her. Gazing down, she spotted the smile upon Ore's face. Cody sighed, her arms hugging her tight.

------------End Here If You Want This To Stay Angsty----------------------

Cody sighed loudly, eyes closing for the moment. Ore sat up, quickly wiping at her own eyes with the same sleeve that she used to clean the others. She was staring at her bare knees, face lit up pink with shame. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t act so rash.” Cody shook her head, smirking slightly. “That was nothing, just an hour ago I was dancing around live a monotonous lunatic. I think I went insane for a while.” Cody groaned, her eyes falling into slits. Just then, Hideki would peek into the doorway and smiled at the two girls. “Codykins, I forgot to tell you something. That medicine I gave you earlier might have made you act a little loopy. It wouldn’t have been anything serious, just a bit of slurring drunkenness, but you look okay. Did you fare well?”

A brow ticked, a nerve beneath her eye jerking. Pointing an accusing finger, Cody began to scream through jagged fangs. “It’s your fault I was dancing to grease lightning!? You made me act like a crack addict! It’s all your fault, all your damn fault!!” Hideki laughed. “Crack addict? I didn’t know that!” Cody growled. Ore whimpered softly, gazing up at the elder. “Um… is Cody okay?” Glancing towards the hyperventilating one, she winced. “I am not a crack addict!” Still Hideki laughed. “Grease lightning. teehee, crack addict. Crack addict! Crack addict!”