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Aftermath - Cody Shirogane-Hideki Crossfield [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Aftermath [May. 13th, 2006|05:00 pm]


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In Cody's whole biography, there are three different novels that take place. (I'm currently writing the first, on the damn third chapter! Oh woe is my procrastinate self. I've always been better at writing the main happenings, not the beginnings. )

They are:
Sweet Dreams, the complete story of Cody's childhood to death.
All That I Am, a story consisting of Cody's alchemy teacher and her efforts to bring Alphonse and Cody back to life.
Aftermath, the final story where Cody reclaims her son and ends up at the supposed end but discovers a whole new world worth taking over, Cody-Style!

Yeah... So Sweet Dreams is pretty much Cody going to visit some guys in the realm over, but is dropped into Amestris and discovers alchemy. She falls in love with Edward and does all that she can to get him to love her back, but after pissing off some homunculi, they kill her.

All That I Am doesn't have much of Cody in it, but there's she's the main purpose for all of Trinity's efforts. Cody does show up, but she's not quite herself... *Won't give away spoilers!*

Aftermath Here's the outline for my purposes only, don't read if you don't want the spoilers!

The Whole Story of Aftermath: A girl name Cody died, went to the other side of The Gate and disappeared. Two Elric boys went ot search for her ( only Allah knows why) and found her alter, Colleen. Colleen is a hemophobe and crushes on Ho-Oh (Hohenheim!?) The three go on this magickal quest to find the Wicked "Bossman Hitler" of the West and the legendary Proffessor Cross. While in German, they are kidnapped by Nazis and taken to said Bossma. Turns out that Bossman is actually Colleen's supposedly dead sister Shiloh, who lyk zomg!, is Ore's alter. Turns out that Cody is Shiloh, htfever that happened, and it's CODY'S FAULT that there are Nazis! Because Cody's right-hand man is a dude named Adolf and yeah.. Adolf worships Cody Hitler and Cody loves the three Elric bro.s, so Adolf loves blondes too! ....After having their lovely reunion, Cody and Edo and Aru go home, and Shiloh and Colleen go back to Ho-Oh's house to torture him for the rest of eternity... and Adolf becomes Hitler, takes over Cody's Nazi Crew and takes over all of Germany to kill all de Jews. THE END.